My journey to Oz

My journey to Oz (Enlarge)

Ages: 3-7


What is the Land of Oz?

Does each one of us have our own Oz?

If we look deep inside ourselves, what will we discover?


From a single suitcase, we will reveal a magical world full of adventure, one which pulled Dorothy in to follow her imagination.


Dorothy and her faithful dog Toto, travel to the wonderful Land of Oz and meet the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion. Together they follow the yellow brick road on the way to the Wizard in order to make their dreams come true.

During the journey, Dorothy and her friends are faced with various problems and they solve them together. They discover the magical secret of true friendship. Even more, they discover that in each of them is hidden the very characteristic that they thought they were lacking.


Children will become partners in the magical journey. Together they learn wisdom, courage and sensitivity, and especially the inherent power in believing in yourself.

Join Dorothy and her friends on their wonderful journey to the fabled Land of Oz, and maybe you will discover your very own Land of Oz!




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Creators and actorsVideo
  • Actor: Noga D'Angeli / Vered Regev

    Play: Einat Faider

    Director: Einat Faider and Avigayil Shemer Aharon

    Puppeteer guide: Elit Veber

    Original Music: Yoav Shemer

    Musical adaptations: Shay Alon

    Dolls and Decor: Marbe Yadayim Studio

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