Friends on the Bridge

Friends on the Bridge (Enlarge)

Ages: 4-8


There were once two good friends who had a big argument over something small, and did not want to see or talk to each other ever again.

A kind and wise carpenter taught them in a surprising way that it is not worth ruining a friendship for any reason, large or small.



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Creators and actorsVideo
  • Play by Gil Tsernovitch && Meital Slakmon-Ratan

    Directed by Gil Tsernovitch

    Sets and costumes by Adam Keler

    Painting by Riki Musafi

    Music by Nadav Rubinstein

    Puppeteer: Noa Etgar

    Propes by Narkis Alba

    Patents: Didi Alon

    Assistant Director: Netanel Azulai

    Cast: Itzik Cohen-Patilon, Itai Peleg

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