The end of the story

The end of the story (Enlarge)

Ages: 4-8


The well known children’s story of Nahum Gutman “Lobengula king of Zulu” is entwined in the play “The end of the story” where by a boy and a girl arrive in the local library to hear a story teller telling “Lobengula king of Zulu” but to their amazement the end of the story is missing!!


Thus begins a journey to find the end of the story. In the course of their fabulous journey

they come across a strange pair of turtles, a scholarly professor, the queen of the Hebrew words and the horrible bookworm!


After having many adventures they finally find the end of the story and arrive to the end of the play.





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Creators and actors
  • Producer- Joolik Productions

    Playwright and director- Adi Leviatan

    Actors- Reut Oren && Avishai Honeybud

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