Spirit Of The Forest

Spirit Of The Forest (Enlarge)

Ages: 3-6 


Spirit of the forest is a non- verbal show that combines original music, dance, puppetry and magic.


The forest fairy rises to a new day and with her friend the bird goes out for adventures.  Along the way they meet special animals, discover nature's magical melody   and with the children experience the power of togetherness.


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Creators and actorsVideo
  • Creators: Tula Damari, Yoni Aloni

    Musician and Creator: Oren Sela

    Artistic Direction: Norman Issa

    Set and Puppet Design: Einat Sanderovitch

    Requisite Design: Liron Lazar

    Dress Design: Galia Haim

    Technical and puppets operator: Yoni Aloni

    Actress: Tula Damari

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