Lenni's Secret

Lenni's Secret (Enlarge)

Ages: 4 +


Adaptation of the story written by the children's author and fantasy wizard, Michael Ende ("The Neverending Story", "Momo", "Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver", and more ...)


Lenny is a nice little girl, whose parents are not listening to her.

With the help of magical sugar cubes (which she received from the fairy Francesca-Fantasy), she solves the problem and turns her parents into little tiny people. Tiny as they are now, things are finally going the way Lenny would like them to, and the future looks rosier than ever...


But then ....


Witty and wondrous story about boundaries and wish fulfillment.

The play is entwined with original songs, puppets and masks.


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Creators and actorsVideo
  • Based on a short story by Michael Ende

    Written and directed by Harel Kertes

    Set and costumes by Ayelet Ochayon and HadayaTamuz

    Music by Roee Biran

    Lighting by Meir Alon

    Actors: Shay Jibri, Michael Gamliel, CarineMarom

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