An end. a start. a cat

An end. a start. a cat (Enlarge)

Ages: 3-9


The old donkey could no longer lift. The chicken is not waking up on time. The farm

master has no longer use of them and 'those who are no longer useful are to be rid of' he says.

The two old friends decide to leave before it is too late. They leave behind the farm they have lived their whole lives in and go on a new journey, to do the only thing they can still do - to sing.

On their way, an old dog ,which can't remember where he put what he had managed to hunt, joins and together they form a band. A band of old singers. They go on a search for a place where they will be wanted. A place with no masters and no farms. A place where they can belong.

They go through adventures, argue, laugh, fight, spark old love and find out that even if your legs aren’t at their best, as long as the throat can sing, anything can happen.


A new musical play inspired by the fairy tale "the musicians of Bremen" written by the Grimm brothers.



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Creators and actors
  • Writers: Eldad Cohen and yarden Bar-Kochva Helparin

    Director: yarden Bar-Kochva Helparin

    Music & Original Songs: Didi Shachar

    Arrangement: Tal Blecharovitz and Didi Shachar

    Musical Manager: Tal Blecharovitz

    Production: “Nichuta”

    Costume Designer: Shira Wise

    Set Designer: Michal Inbar

    Lighting Designer: Yanir Liberman

    Assistant Director: Shelly Cohen



    Rooster: Israel Gurion

    Donkey: Roberto Pollak

    Dog: Albert Cohen

    Kitten: Nira Rabinovitch



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