The Dwarfs under the Blanket

The Dwarfs under the Blanket (Enlarge)

Ages: 4-10


Uri, an introverted child of divorced parents, wakes up early one morning having dreamt that his most cherished toy has been stolen.


As he tries to wake his sleepy father up too early in the morning, he finds out to his amazement that his father has simply disappeared.


Uri begins his exciting, humorous adventure under the blanket.. There he meets three little dwarfs and fights with a wicked one.


In his unique adventure Uri mainly discovers the magic of dialogue and learns about the joy of communicating feelings and thoughts with others.


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Creators and actors
  • Playwright: Zadok zemach

    Director: Maya Hahn

    Music: Hai meirzadh

    Set Designer: Hadas zerach

    Assistant director: Shirel asherov

    Light Designer: Eli Ashkenazy

    Actors: Edi Kvetner, Guy Gurevich, Gali Ashkenazy, Harel Morad, Yuval Shlomovitch



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