Barking at the Moon

Barking at the Moon (Enlarge)

Ages 4-10 


Captain is an old dog, thrown to the backyard by his owners as he retires from his job for the police as a dog detective Champ is stray dog; a wise survivor who arrives in the neighborhood.

Matt is an athletic, stunning show dog. He is not very clever and is all about training and beauty care. Boxie is the town bully; aggressive and strong Lady is a beautiful bitch. whose puppies were taken away.


She is desperately searching for them Champ's emergence to town – a stray dog with no family or friends, changes the lives of the other dogs. He's ambitious, a real survivor who does not back down.

Things heat up when he falls for Lady the poodle. In his command, they are out to find her lost puppies, who were adopted, but they are caught in a trap.


Will they ever be free again? Will Champ finally get to start his own family that he had always dreamed of?


This is a story about a group of fearful, judgmental fighters, which is interrupted by someone. Champ turns their world upside down. He has them reconsider their values. And love wins. 

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Creators and actors
  • Written and directed by Ofer Shafrir

    Musical production by Liora Schlezinger

    Costumes design: Liron Minkin

    Set design: Batya Segal Pik

    Lighting design: Ziv Valoushi


    Assaf Segev

     Adi Eizenman

    Meir Toledano

    Maya Bochovski/ Anael Bluemental

    Guy Bracca

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