Fox Tale

Fox Tale (Enlarge)

Ages: 4-10


Please meet the forest crew:


Chasya the stork, Tzabi the turtle, Molly the ant and the leader of this gang, Shauli the fox.

This funny crew loves to laugh, appreciates humor and likes tricks. They have a law: laugh and go!


The fun atmosphere is interrupted when Malka the forest queen decides that it's time to make a change: The fun atmosphere is interrupted when Malka the forest queen decides that it's time to make a change: enough to live in an ancient forest, from now on they will advance to a new life style: living in a fancy apartment building: She invites the animals to get free apartments and is proud to show the new project: 

:The Dreams Tower. Hungry? Call our take away! Bored? Enjoy our TV and computer programs! Cold? Turn on the central heat and get under the covers


Shauli with his smart senses understands that something strange happens here, animals are not supposed to live in tower buildings and the promises mean nothing but empty sparkly place. He tries to stop his friends but they are excited from the Dream Tower and the change in their life that fits human beings and not animals.

The crew stands in front of a big test to their friendship that almost falls apart, but Shauli doesn’t give up and in his funny way tries to stop his friends and open their eyes.

Will the friendship survive in spite of the differences between them?

Should animals change their nature and live new different lives?

What are the animals going to do when they all find out that the Dreams Tower actually is a golden cage?

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Creators and actors
  • Written by Hamutal Ben Zeev Efron

    Based on a story by Yaki Machraz

    Director: Nadav Assulin


    Music: Dori Ben Zeev

    Set Design: Tal Arbiv

    Costume Design: Maor Tzabar 

    Choreography: Yacov Tamari


    Gil Kepten

    Florance Bloch

    Avigayil Armon Levi

    Nadav Assulin


    Thanks to Nava Bik

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