Yoel Said

Yoel Said (Enlarge)

For children and families from the age of 5


Two friends on an imaginary journey meet speaking mountains, airplanes that hatch from eggs, swindlers that attempt to sell the sun, bad tasting monsters and more. They sing and play double bass, guitars, woodwinds and toys. And of course, there is a third character, imaginary and invisible but very present – Yoel, he who started all this …



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Creators and actors
  • Imaginations and melodies inspired by the book “It’s a Good Idea to Buy Elephants in

    February” by Yoel Hoffman.


    Music and Lyrics: Ronit Kano

    Singing, Acting and Live Music: Simon Star and Ronit Kano

    Artistic Guidenace: Marit Ben Israel

    Artistic Advisor: Neomi Yoeli

    Stage Design: Thea Levy

    Light Design: Omer Sheizaf

    Producer: The Train Theater


    Thanks to Yehu Yaron


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