The Flea of Why

The Flea of Why (Enlarge)

A story about a country where asking why was not allowed, a spoiled tyrant king who imposed on his people laws restricting the right to question and the right to protest, a poor shoemaker and his wife who decide to take the risk go to the palace to cry out why, and the mysterious Flea of Why...


A Thrilling, colorful musical legend about the right to protest, the freedom of thought and the necessity to expose the truth.


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Creators and actors
  • A play (based on Novastera) and directing by Varda Knoll-yahalom

    Music: Esti Lutzky

    Scenery (based on E. Dor) costumes and accessories: Dorota Bielas

    Lighting: Yossi Zohar ,Shelli - Stage productions

    Players: Ronit Ivgi, Ronnie Aharon, Carol Shemesh, Dorit levav-shani and players of the theater group of Oranim College

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