Dreams (Enlarge)

Amir, a dreamy child, with feet on the ground, come back from school with

homework, to dream and write it down as a story. This homework and his

character, are leading him into a timeless journey, that flow between

dream and reality, without knowing what is dream and what is reality.

The legends land, the puppets island, master of dreams, queen of hearts,

Shondra and fafarita, are parts from the places and figures, that he meets

in his journey.


Will he become the good dreams keeper at the indian ceremony ? will he

marry farfarita ? what told him the puppets and will he get the answer to

what is a dream and what is reality ?

let’s us dream and go into the journey…







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Creators and actors
  • eli maman - playwright, director

    ehab salami - translation

    sagit golda - décor & costumes

    music - rimon hadad

    choreography - tamar bar-niv

    actores - elias matar, maisa khamis-amourw, khaled awad, milad matar

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