Stories From the Land of Kulili

Stories From the Land of Kulili (Enlarge)

The musical show "stories from the land of kulili" tells the story of the natural circle of seasons, from the calm autumn to the festive nature of summer in melody, lyrics and folklore stories and legends. This unique show reenacts the magical rustic and Gypsy-like atmosphere of old times fairs, when men, women and children gathered to sing, dance and listen to story tellers.


The show includes sons and stories from the beloved repertoire of the "Organic music" project. The project began creating in 2007 and delivered 4 CD albums for children, a high quality alternative in the field of music for children. Since then, thousands of families fell in love with the organic music, the happy naïve songs, the gentle arrangement and the acoustic ambiance.

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Creators and actors
  • Director: Yarden Bar Cokhva

    Singers/ Actors: Shaul Gros, Assaf Levinbuk, Sangit (Dotan) Segal, Inbal Smadar

    Writers/ Editors: Yarden bar Cokhva and Shaul Gros

    Artistic manager: Shaul Gros

    Producers: Naia Productions and Organic Music Records

    Pedagogical consultant: Meytal Gros

    Photographer: Shay Gros

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