Pirate in the Bath

Pirate in the Bath (Enlarge)

Smee is a pirate who sails the ocean inside his bathtub, with his beloved duckies. One day he gets a surprising phone call from a representative of the International Pirate’s Association. She informs him that he must attain a certified pirate’s certificate, and for this he must begin to behave like a pirate. Smee tries, but acting like a pirate is much harder than he thought…


“Pirate in the Bathtub” is an amusing, heartwarming, and thrilling play, which makes surprising use of the most familiar of everyday surroundings – the bathroom – and all its objects and accessories, taking the audience on a suspenseful adventure full of imagination.

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Creators and actors
  • Created by Tzipor Frumkin and Miryam Salzberg
    Direction: Tzipor Frumkin
    Acting, manipulation and design: Miryam Salzberg
    Artistic consultation: Marit BenIsrael
    Music: Asaf Matityhu
    Lighting design: Schahar Marom
    Planning and building of the construction: Mario Kaizman

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