The Emperor's New Clothes

The Emperor's New Clothes (Enlarge)

Objectsfrom the world of sewing are the characters in the play.

Thread rolls are the subjects of thekingdom, who live in poverty inside a sewing box. The emperor, which is made ofgolden threads, is busy buying clothing materials. The Minister of Finance, alsothe Treasury of the state, is a glass-jar full of gold buttons which is gettingempty in front of the audience and the worried ministers. The two tailors, arriving from Italy on top of an iron- a sports car, offer the emperor a "deal": magic clothe which only wise people can see, for the kingdom's treasury.

The play stimulates thinking andimagination, considers environmental quality using un-wanted things whichacquire new life on the stage. It deals with over consumption and socialjustice.

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Creators and actors
  • Concept, design, manipulation and performance: Nili Dvir

    Writing and adaptation:Iky Gilad, Nili Dvir

    Direction: Iky Gilad

    Music:Anna Segal

    Lighting Design: Noa Elran

    Directing: Iky Gilad

    Stage Language development:Patricia O'Donovan

    Artistic consulting and king's costume design:Maria Gurevich

    Scenary:Menachem  Nili Dvir &

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