The Way to There

The Way to There (Enlarge)

Very soon we'll go to there
Don't ask why, you shouldn't care                                               

We'll explore the routes and trails                                                     

Of a world full of tales

Make believe! Imagination Has no end, no fina station

And if you're frightened you will find

The way to Here you left behind


The actors of Ruth Kanner Theater Group tell stories of the classics of Hebrew children's literature:
The Magic Car adapted from a story by Daliah Rabikovich
The Boy in the Forest by H.N. Bialik
Racheli's Wonder Shoes by Fania Bergshtein
A chapter from The Tales of Micky Mahu by Avraham Shlonsky
Shush, an adventurous journey of a little sea horse by Shlomo Ariel

These stories express children's yearning to liberate their imagination, test the limits of their power and discover what is beyond their familiar world

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