The King’s Daughter

The King’s Daughter (Enlarge)

King Shlomo was the wisest of all men.

King Shlomo had a beautiful and clever daughter called Na’ama.

King Shlomo loved his daughter Na’ama very much.

So how did it happen then that he sent her to an isolated island and locked her in a tower?


And how did it happen that to the very same island arrived in a magnificent way a lovely young man called Netayna that soon will become the love of Na’ama’s life?


This wonderful story of Hayyim Nahman Bialik is presented here with a new and humoristic view and with a unique theatrical work that combines movement, acrobatics, music, masks, fantastic props, various costumes and theatrical surprises that will capture kids and kids in their souls.


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Creators and actors
  •  Written and Directed by: Zvia Huberman

    Props & Costume Design: Maor Zabar

    Set Design: Shani Tur

    Movement & Physical theatre: Revital Gottshalk

    Music by: Ran Bagno

    Lighting Design: Uri Morag

    Mechanical Wings made by: Liad Gordon


    Played by the “Haifa’it” ensemble of Haifa Theatre: Rotem Levy-Vega, Ron Rycter, Keren Or, Sivan Hacochavi, Erez Labin, Rabia Hori

    Guests actors/ actresses: Netsanet Mekonan/ Shir Saban, Nir Avrashi/ Yiftah Geffen

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