THE TIME BELLS - Spain (Enlarge)

In 1986, the Companyia La Tal had been founded in Barcelona as a clown theatre. Since, the group developed its very own and unique style of visual comedy which achieves success around the world.

La Tal is well-known for its aesthetic and innovative combination of dance, theatre, pantomime und music, leading the audience towards a new kind of fantasy world.

Ding, dong, ding, dong ... rings the jingle bell’s music, the gears start moving ...
Tic-tac, tic-tac ... It’s time ! Knights and the clowns fill the stage where quarrels and passions are mixed.

From inside the clock, magic appears and floods everything: physical space but also a mental space.

In the six stories created by the company, the characters look like Swiss clockmakers dancing and revisiting the clown universe of the play. Topics as passion, love, jealousy ... What will win?

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Creators and actors
  • Creation: The theatre company LA TAL

    Actors: Enric Casso - Jordi Magdaleno - Sergio Pons

    Set design: Quico Estivill

    Set building: Cia. La Tal

    Set painting: Txema Rico

    Design and costume painting: Txema Rico

    Costume construction: Taller Maravillas

    Sound: Tales Music 

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