kaiser of the neighborhood

kaiser of the neighborhood (Enlarge)

Gad, ostracized by his friends, tells the story of the last few weeks to his father, who is no longer alive. The story begins with the arrival of a new dog to the neighborhood and continues with strange things that occur in it.

This is a journey of an unaccepted boy growing up, in which reveal the secrets of the neighborhood kids. Gad will eventually find out qualities in himself, which he didn’t even know he had.

This is an emotional, funny, sad and surprising journey, full of a young boy's imagination, a boy who has a special point of view and ends up discovering a new world.

This is a journey with a happy ending…

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Creators and actors
  • Creators:

    Nava Macmel Atir

    Karin Sigal

    Daniel Salomon

    Hadas Motseri

    Hadas Motseri



    Yoli Seker

    Sharon Danon

    Robert Hoenig

    Shaul Ezer

     Roy Gurai

    Yair Fish

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