There's a Dragon in the River Yarkon

There's a Dragon in the River Yarkon (Enlarge)

A musical show, which incorporate video-art, that tells about a boy named Alon who meets a dragon that lives at the bottom of the river Yarkon. The encounter teaches Alon to control his anger and find peace and calm while embraced by his family.

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Creators and actors
  • By: Michal Porat
    Stage creation: Noa Lev
    Original music and arrangement: shosh riseman
    Stage, costumes and puppet design: Diti Ofek Zarfati
    Video Art design: Studio Livyatan&
    Doron Tsirulnik  

    Puppet creation: Maria Gurevich
    Lighting design: Hanni Vardi
    Piano: Adi Deutsch\Noa Fort
    With: Emmanuel Hannoun, Eti Vaknin, Guy Rosen, Liron Wigdor

    Presenting: Hani Quality Theatre Productions

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