Snow Ball

Snow Ball (Enlarge)
Age: 6-12. The Israeli Children and Youth Social Theatre. age: 6-12

"It is a strange feeling, to sit and not to understand a thing… to get into a new school, sit in a new class, and not to understand a single word…not a single word!"

This is how the story of Phellipe (also known as Peppe), a new comer to Israel (originally from Argentina), a 10-years-old Primary school student, opens.

However, in a very short time, Peppe gains the affection of all the children (and adults!) around him.

Due to his love for football, his wisdom and imagination, the difficulties of a new language and of absorption in a new country are soon being replaced by an amazing social success: Everyone wants to become Peppe's friend. He enjoys unbelievable popularity!

Until, one day, the Argentinian soccer team arrives here, to play against the Israeli team.

At that point the truth is revealed, the mask falls off Peppe's face and the snow ball of lies is stopped mercilessly.

"Snow Ball" deals with the human need "to belong", with "white" lies and "not so white" lies, and with the price that we all have to pay in order to be loved.

A moving and funny one-man-show , both thought provoking and exciting.

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Creators and actors
  • Original Israeli play be Roi Rashkes

    Director: Roy Horovitz

    Set designer: Moshik Yosifov

    Lighting: Uri Morag

    Music: Ariel Keshet

    Actor: Niv Petel

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