The Monster on the Mountain (Bilingual: Hebrew-Arabic)

לרכיש כרטיסים
The Monster on the Mountain (Bilingual: Hebrew-Arabic) (Enlarge)
The Monster on the Mountain (Bilingual: Hebrew-Arabic)

A charming bilingual display based on the legend of the monster over the hill - under a great volcano, two brave and innocent children, from two different antagonistic villages, set off to climb the mountain to to fight the fierce monster who, according to a local legend, intends to descend and eat both the villages. The two children meet on the way and join forces. Together they meet strange creatures and animals, that eventually turn out to be friends ... Only at the top of the mountain do they realize that the mythical monster is actually their new friend. Will the children fight as they were required to do when they left their homes? Or will they return to the village with a new legend about the wonderful monster over the hill?


Directed by Tom Volinitz
Play: Tom Volinitz, Gili Bat-Halahmi and Michael Cherny
Music: Omri Dagan
Set and costumes: Karin Brauner Comay
With: Gili Beit-Halahmi, Michael Cherney, Tom Volinitz

For ages: 5 and the whole family | Stage 2 | Duration: 50 min
Tuesday 23.4 – 16:00, 17:30

Production Logo: Elmina Theater - multi-cultural theater for children and youth
Credit Illustration: Ayelet Pinkas

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