The Ugly Duckling - in Arabic

Photo credit: Elham Birakh (Enlarge)


Based on Hans Christian Andersen

In Hans Christian Anderson’s story, the new-born duckling, does not look at all like his cute little yellow brothers. He wants to be friends with them, but in vain. He is big, grey, clumsy, and different, and does not find his place in the coop other than with Mother Goose, who does not care about her son's appearance. All the other ducks and chickens and geese, reject him and even hate him, but the ugly duckling does not give up.
He escapes and hides, and searches elsewhere for his roots, since it is very important not to despair and to believe that after every winter comes the spring. At the end, the ugly duckling becomes a happy and beautiful long-necked swan. But he will always remember what happened and what it is like to be an ugly duckling.


For ages 6-11
Duration: 50 minutes




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