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Efimer | Spain

From a mysterious land in the imagination of every child, three giant dragons with big teeth, heavy tails and jagged-spine backs appear. Sounds scary? Not when the mysterious country is the land of childhood!


Where everything is soft and furry, pleasant and cuddly and where the innocent dragons are sewed by a loving grandmother from a bunch of rags. The memories of childhood come back to us with three dragons, to remind us that it is never too late to remain a child.



For all the family
Duration: 30 minutes





Thanks to the Spain embassy for the support
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Creators and actors
  • Original creation: Miquel Stowe and Farr Benitez

    Design: Miquel Stowe

    Structure and mechanisms: Casbi Planas

    Construction: Epimer, Miquel Stowe, Ibrahimia Suri

    Costumes: Maria Monzon, Carla Delmao

    Sound: Eslastica Produkions

    Technical: Brent Pogrola

    Production: Per Benitez

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