Tiny Theatre

לרכיש כרטיסים
Tiny Theatre (Enlarge)

Toddlers unique theatrical performance.


Two girls meet for the first time. The meeting leads to a game that spanning the viewers a wonderful imaginary world full of color, music, movement, sound, props, silhouettes and Video Surveillance.

Early childhood consultation: Schneider children 's medical center of Israel, Speech and languageclinic.


Duration: 30 minutes

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  • Created and directed by Gil Tsernovitch

    Sets and costumes: Shani Tur

    Paintings: Riki Musafi

    Music: Nadav Rubinstein

    Props: Narkis Alba

    Set Patents: Didi Alon

    Assistant Director: Jonathan  Feinsod


    Cast: Gila Politzer / Michal Almogi , Genia Snop / Smadar Harpak


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    תיאטרון פצפון21/04/2019יום ראשון10:00ספריה - רחבת התאטרוןהזמן עכשיו
    תיאטרון פצפון11:00ספריה - רחבת התאטרוןהזמן עכשיו
    תיאטרון פצפון11:45ספריה - רחבת התאטרוןהזמן עכשיו
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