Night Journey

Night Journey (Enlarge)

Ages: 4+


A little girl falls asleep while her father reads her a story. He kisses her good night and leaves the room. And then ... an unexpected visitor enters her room.

On an amazing stage with fluctuating frequencies, a dream journey begins.

From sea to forest, above and under the ground, the audience is invited to participate in an overnight journey in which one little girl searches for her father and finds herself.


Duration: 45 minutes

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Creators and actors
  • Joint creation by Goni Paz & Michal Ben Anat
    Directing, acting, and puppetry:
    Goni Paz, Michal Ben Anat
    Artistic consultant: Marit Ben-Israel
    Writing and Composition: Ronit Kano
    Engineering and design: Oded Davidovitch
    Illustration: Gilad Seliktar
    Music: Tomer Baruch
    Lighting: Rotem Elroy
    Production: The Train Theater


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