Grandpa Aaron and His Rain

Grandpa Aaron and His Rain (Enlarge)

 Ages: 4-10


Based on the story by Meir Shalev


There is a drought and they’re desperate for some rain! Grandpa Aaron tells his friends about the mountaintop cave where the clouds are all stuck.


Grandpa Nahum and Grandpa Yitzchak really don’t believe his story, but they humor their old friend anyway. So the three grandpas, a quick-stepping cow and a light-footed rabbit all set out on their adventurous journey to the mountain.


Will their joint effort manage to free the clouds stuck in the cave and bring the much-needed rain?


A comical journey of the imagination inside a mass of cardboard boxes,

plus1500 cows and rabbits!


Duration: 50 minutes



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Creators and actors
  • Adaptation and direction: Mor Frank

    Visual language and object design: Maayan Resnick

    Scenography: Kinereth Kisch

     Light Design: Judy Kupferman

    Music: Betsalel Borukhov

    Actors: Betsalel Borukhov, Guy Ron, Gad (Gadi) Andrei

    Executive producer: Bar Elyakim

     Production: The Train Theater


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