The Book Shelf

The Book Shelf (Enlarge)

 Ages: 5-9


Roni gets a lot of presents for his birthday: A tablet, play station, smart-phone and even a book. A book? What would he do with a book? He puts it away along with his old dusty books he never reads anymore. What Roni doesn’t know is that when he leaves his room, his childhood books come to life! This time they are terrified to find that they are no longer on the book shelf but… In a box heading to the garbage can! What will they do? How can they save themselves? And wait there’s a new guy…that may be the answer to all their problems…if they can only get Roni to read him… And so with a lot of imagination and a plan well thought out by the books, Roni will rediscover the magic and dive into a fantastic story… and along the way find something new within himself.



“The book shelf” is a magical play that encourages children to read and exposes them to the joy of reading




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Creators and actors
  • Written and directed by: Hila Meckier-Halevy

    Music: Doron Shvartztuch

    Stage design: Orna Behrendt Shimony

    Costume design: May Barnea

    Lighting designer: Dania zemer

    Assistance director: Yariv Perelmuter

    Art consultation: Hadas Gilboa

    Producer: “Hany productions”

    Actors: Shiri Elraz, Dudi Gazit, Doron Amit, Dana Keila

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