YouMake ReMake Kids

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YouMake, ReMake Kids is a unique and the first of its kind interdisciplinary show for children, which consists of staged responses to YouTube clips.


The concept, created by Renana Raz, is an encounter between two worlds: digital media and the stage.

The endless abundance of images on YouTube has led Renana to try and ‘break’ the boundaries of the screen and to interact, through a stage occurrence, with video clips from the web. The result is an innovative and fascinating

new -stage creation, which won public’s praise both in Israel and abroad, and now presenting a special new edition for children.



YouMake Remake Kids was created in cooperation with The Blumfield Science Museum in Jerusalem, March 2013

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Creators and actorsVideo
  • Participants;

    Renana Raz – Dancer and Choreographer, Creator of ‘YouMakeReMake’

    Ofer Amram, Shani Ben Haim, Tali Peretz Laor.

    ProductionYael Maimoni

    Renana Raz Dance Group

    Original Score: Or Moran | Musical production: Ziv Moran

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