לרכיש כרטיסים
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Nothing prepared Mia for that day when an intimate picture of her was spread all over the net, and her life was suddenly destroyed. She suffered humiliation, ridicule, intrusive comments, rude and violent enquiries by friends who themselves become suspects and abandoned her. We accompany Mia throughout the difficult period and meet her again, a year after the great crisis, when she returns to the school she left and stands before the school staff and her former classmates, with all the lessons she has learned, the pain and the insights.

A play about personal responsibility, respect, friendship, love, betrayal and forgiveness.


The play is based on a true story. Combined with video clips of investigations projected onto a giant screen.


For age 12-17
Duration: 60 minutes





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  • A play directed and produced by Heli Kenizo Shahar, Beni Yizrael

    Music: Tom Goldstein

    Lighting: Idan Moran

    Video: Guy Yaroslavski, “Cult Productions” – The Geen Panther

    Costumes: Yves Kenizo

    Makeup: Ziv Katanov

    With: Shira Levi, Lior Cohen, Adi Alon, Steve Friedman, Noam Shenhav, Tutti Ninio.

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    ביוש24/10/2018יום רביעי17:30התיאטרון העירוני חיפה - במה ראשיתהזמן עכשיו
    ביוש29/10/2018יום שני11:00מרכז דוהל - תל אביבהזמן עכשיו
    ביוש17:30מרכז דוהל - תל אביבהזמן עכשיו
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