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Hello kids and welcome!


We will be happy to see you again among our guests at the 2020 Haifa International Children's Theatre Festival.


This Passover we have prepared for you a rich and diverse program for all ages and in varied styles.


You are MOST welcome to come, see, hear, feel, get excited, and make some wonderful memories from foremost children's theatre festival in Israel – three days of a colorful International carnival comprising more than 200 shows and performances!


New original productions, plenty of open-air street performances by street artists from around the world—the Netherlands, Spain, Italy...—together with the best shows produced in the finest children's theatres in Israel, and more!


We hope that you (and your parents) have a magnificent time at this year's festival, and will come back to see us again next year!


Dov Hayoun

 Chairman of the Board - Haifa Theatre

Niza Ben-Zvi

 CEO - Haifa Theatre

Moshe Naor

 Artistic Manager - Haifa Theatre

Itzik Weingarten

 Artistic manager - Haifa International Children's Theatre Festival

Yinon Tzafrir, Gibson Bar-el

 ORTO-DA Theatre Group, Artistic Directors, Open-Air Theatre






The Haifa International Children’s Theatre Festival has become an annual Passover tradition. The Festival attracts crowds from all over Israel and abroad, and enjoys immense popularity.

The rich program includes colorful open-air performances and special activities for children. Stage performances take place in the venues of the Haifa Municipal Theatre, and in the Auditorium complex at the Carmel Center, while the street performances take place on the grounds of the large complex adjacent to the theatre.


Being a dynamic and creative event, the Festival's management regularly commissions new plays, having set the goal to raise the artistic standards of children’s plays in Israel. These plays participate in the competition, in which prizes are awarded in various categories.

The Festival also hosts children’s theatres, independent groups and individuals from all over the country.


An important component of the Festival is the colorful open-air performances and activities that take place in the daytime, enabling families to enjoy first class productions, free of charge.


Each year, theatres and street performers from abroad are invited to take part in the Festival. This exposure enables the Israeli public to get a close look at some of the best performers from around the world. Close ties are made between the Israeli and foreign companies, leading to exchange programs and invitations to appear in International Festivals abroad.


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