Dreamland (Enlarge)

In Dreamland the children watch their dreams come to life on stage!



Join the white sorceress, the wizard of colors and the dreaming actors as they embark on an enchanting journey to Dreamland.

In Dreamland the children will have a special opportunity to share dreams and stories from their imagination and see them come to life immediately on stage.

Behind the magical screen, surrounded by music and stunning visual effects awaits a stage in which everything is possible.

Dreaming actors are waiting to transform every dream into a funny, touching and theatrical spectacle.


Uri DovLidor and Rachel Slater (creators of “Dreamland”) orchestrate a new show in which the children themselves are the playwrights and their dreams the inspiration for what will be presented on stage

Dreamland is an improvisation performance, created in the Teatre, adapted for children and inspired by the Playback theatre method along with the “Playgo Ensemble” members: Hadas Moshel, Nir Bikels and Sivan Hacochavi. 

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