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The Haifa International Children’s Theater Festival has become a tradition that occurs annually, during the Passover Holiday. The Festival attracts crowds from all over Israel and abroad and enjoys great popularity. The rich program includes colorful open-air performances and special activities f children. Stage performances are taking place in the halls of Haifa Municipal Theatre, and in the Auditorium complex on Carmal Center, while the street performances take place in the large complex, adjacent to the theatre.

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Welcome to the Haifa International Children's Theatre Festival website

Our next festival will take place on the 24-26 of April 2016. You are more than welcome!

Haifa kids

Euphoria- The world's happiest city
A Rhythm Tale
The Book Shelf
Why Only Sheep
Tiny Ocean- Puppet theatre in an aquarium
The Magic of Mozart
The Wind And The Rain
The First Kiss
Colonel Grandpa